Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22)

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Venus dominates the Libra, therefore you are often incredibly beautiful. You weigh everything and try to achieve balance and harmony in everything you do. A Libra individual often want to share everything with his partner and you will be happy when you get married. Libra individuals have difficulty with fights and conflicts, for you are the most peace-loving of all zodiac signs. Libras love harmony, security and beauty. You should learn to read the inside of a person and not just his appearance.
The Libra is very sensitive and tender and you need to have lasting relationships. The Libra has great charm and knows that they can use it to get what they want in life. You are incredibly shy and have difficulty taking the first steps to contact. This may be because the Libra is so unsure of himself. One can not miss that a Libra loves beauty and they let everyone know what they think is not beautiful. They like to be stylish and neat.
The Libra often looks sneaky and is very ingenious. People may think you look dodgy.  Libras usually have incredibly fine hair that is light. A Libra often philosophize over things and you are intelligent and very creative. You have a certain serenity that surrounds you. Libras have difficulty to decide and everything must be weighed for and against, and it may take a while to come to a decision. You have good taste in clothes. Libra women love to dress in light fabrics and soft colors. Libra men are also happy with light shirts.
The Libra is affectionate but not excessive. You love to love and want so badly to have a good partner to share everything you do. The Libra is deep inside a romantic and it is difficult for a Libra to resist a beautiful face. Your life will be less meaningful without someone to share it with.
The Libra loves life, loves to have fun in life and want constant activity. You are really good at savouring the good things in life. You travel a lot and discover the world to get new impressions, which you take home with you. You have so much energy and you hate if it’s too slow around you.
Libras can be lazy and convenient sometimes, but it may be because you are thinking about the easy way out of a difficult situation. The Libra must learn that one can not help all people all the time. First you have to help yourself.
Libras are good at resolving conflicts and helping friends to get it as good as possible around them. Others could not care about the trouble around them, but a Libra can be very helpful. Libras have good taste and a great sense of beauty and also tries to deliver that to his surroundings. You love to please others and you are very helpful, but beware or you might be used by your friends!
More about the Libra:
You are friendly, charming, very intelligent, loves harmony and relaxation. You want to be married because then you feel safe. You have a great need for communication, good taste for food, clothing and beauty. You weigh everything for and against and want to have a good balance in everything, love to travel, very clear-headed, have a big ego, have many good traits.You can be extravagant, are a very good parent and make sure your kids are happy when they’re with you. You are outgoing, dependent on what others say and think, diplomatic, have low self-will. You are shy and insecure, social, confused, lethargic and comfortable, fair and just. You do not like quarrels and disagreements, is not so quick, has an even temperament. You are frank and openminded, a lover of life. You need someone who inspires you and gets you going, you are a good mediator, you want order. Your favorite expression is “Can we agreed on this?”. You are romantic, flirtatious, friendly, very indecisive, creative, loves to have a lot of money, stingy.
The Libra is romantically compatible with:
With the Aries, you get excitement, very sweet love with lots of cuddling.But you must both want it to work.
With the Taurus, you get a nice and harmonious love and you like each other very much. You will have both success in business and a very romantic relationship.
With the Gemini you make a nice couple, filled with love.There is much romance between you, and lots of excitement.
With the Leo, you have an exciting romance both sweet and fiery and things will really happen in your love life.It can also lead to marriage.
With the Libra, you get shy, charming and sweet love, but it might not last as long. You both need to make an effort if you want it to last.
With the Scorpio, you get lots of caring and definitely marriage. A very sweet and happy relationship.
With the Capricorn, you get happy and sweet love.
With the Aquarius, you get good luck and a sweet love.You will have great success together.
With the Pisces, you get a good love and harmony in life.You are so kind and sweet to each other as long as you make an effort.
Traits if you are born Sep 24 – Oct 3:
You are great at political opinions, energetic, you are good at arguing in an advanced way, skilful.
Traits if you are born Oct 4-13:
Wants the best for the community, do not like trouble, want harmony, is aesthetic.
Traits if you are born Oct 14-23:
Likes to travel, you have many friends, many interests, you are restless, sociable, pleasure-greedy.
Your metal is: Copper.
Your tree is: Ash.
Your colors are: Pink, light blue and burgundy.
Your flower is: Lilac.
Sports you like: Dancing, sailing and acrobatics.
Your crystals are: Gems like aquamarine, lapis lazuli, sapphire, aqua aura, blue topaz.
Your planet is: Venus.
Body parts are: Backbone, diaphragm.
Your element is: Air.
Incenses: Lemon Verbena and vanilla.
Keywords: Understanding and balance.
Motto: I’m considering.

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