Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22)

Your education

The Libra individual is an artist and has an eye for the artistic. The creativity in many Libra individuals is limitless and there are many Libras in art school! Libra is the artist of the Zodiac. Art helps you find balance in your life, so why not give this area all your focus? Libra’s strong suit is to be artistic and the Libra has a sense of beauty and creativity. But because Libras often choose their education for status, instead of following thier heart you often become a university graduate of some kind where you will usually only be mediocre.
The Libra will not choose their education by interest but more from what they feel is most important and choose from that. The Libra have many interests and have a very hard time choosing subjects in school. The Libra is convenient and the education you select should not be tedious, and it is preferably short.
The Libra is very smart and intelligent and it gets you far in school as long as you can have discipline. The subjects you like in school are history, computers, art, social knowledge, psychology, science and mathematics. These subjects are no match for you. The Libra is intellectual. It can also be hard for you in school for your memory is not always the best. To help you remember you have to take a lot of notes. Your poor memory may be because you have too much stuff in your head since you like to go and figure on and think about all kinds of things. It is too much for your brain to remember everything by heart.

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