Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

Things you did not know about yourself

The Scorpio individual must realize that not everything is deadly serious. You don’t need to examine things all the time and you should learn to let go of things. If the scorpion could be more easy going he would get a better balance in life.
Many find it hard to deal with your jealousy, envy, your energy and your know-all attitude. The Scorpio is quick to see what others are doing wrong, but does not like it when others point out when you make a mistake and that goes for everything such as work, child rearing, etc.. The Scorpio must be the best of all, and no one may be more talented than you because then they become a great threat to you.
The Scorpio has a very strong need for pleasure in life and do everything to get it. You hate to see others succeed, and you do everything to destroy their success. The Scorpio is extremely jealous and envious and if you see a loving relationship you like to get in between and destroy it. It’s only you who should have the best all the time. Another behavior is for you to latch on to others so you also get pleasure in life, you use others to satisfy your own needs.
The Scorpio has difficulty to live with someone for you are so dominant and constantly suspicious of your partner and you find it hard to trust anyone. The Scorpio can become mean and no one can stand your insane jealousy. You think everyone should please you and you are very demanding towards your partner and your friends. But the scorpion does not give so much back and it often leads to a lonely life for you. The Scorpio should try to be more humble and not be so hard on your fellow human beings. You are often perceived as rigid, cold and chilly for it is hard for you to show emotions.
The Scorpio loves to be dominant and you have a strong desire to get ahead in life. The Scorpio has a very strong attraction, which is hard to resist. You are power-hungry and you do everything to get power over your friends, your partner and your colleagues. Your big ego is not to be trifled with and you lie a lot about everything. So it becomes a habit for you to lie and you sometimes have difficulty to know what is real and what is a lie. Many find it difficult to be with you because of your anger, lies and hatred that appear from time to time.  The Scorpio is looking for control and security over both his and others’ lives.
For the Scorpio, it is important to exploit others to reach their goals. The Scorpio is lazy, comfortable, cool, crafty and cunning. You have a sneaky mind that you try to hide well. You have a strong will to get what you want in life. The Scorpio likes to fight and loves to spark an argument. You find it stimulating and exciting to quarrel. Nobody oppresses a Scorpio in the first place.

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